Learn How to Relieve Lower Back Pain


Did you know Americans alone spent about $86 Billion in 2005 looking for treatments to help relieve lower back pain? Just in case you had to do a double take, yes, that’s billion with a capital “B”! Unless you’re the Federal Government, who seems to have no problem throwing around a Billion dollars these days, that amount is staggering!

Relieve lower back pain

With so much being spent on treatments to relieve lower back pain, we must be getting good results, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, several recent studies have documented the trend that although our spending to relieve lower back pain is up, our results in eliminating back pain are not necessarily better than they have been in the past.


I think this is because we are spending so much money on expensive procedures (such as MRI’s, spinal injections and surgeries) and expensive medications, without ever truly addressing what caused the back pain in the first place.


Temporary Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain


Though studies show that most acute episodes of low back pain will go away on their own in a fairly short amount of time, there are also many conservative ways to get temporary relieve low back pain. Here is a short list of some ways to get back pain relief:

  • Ice – is often helpful in the first 24-48 hours after the initial onset of back pain. Ice helps reduce inflammation/swelling in an area if applied immediately following an injury.
  • Heat – is great to increase the blood flow into and out of an area. Using heat on the low back muscles often helps them “loosen up” and allows one to get up and move with less discomfort.
  • Movement – is one of the most important things you can do to help eliminate back pain. Many have the tendency to rest when their back is hurting, which often makes things worse. Simple activities like regular bouts of walking—even around the house—are vitally important in helping the back to heal!
  • Medications – though I’m not a big proponent of using medications as a long term treatment for back pain, medications like anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers may allow you go get back to your daily activities faster and with less pain. Getting back to your normal activities is a crucial part of getting back pain relief.
  • Stretching – lower back stretches can be a great way to decrease muscle stiffness and increase range of motion in the lumbar spine. There are a number of effective stretches available, but one should exercise caution when choosing stretches, as not all stretches may be appropriate for your condition.
  • Position Changes – are a very effective way to get temporary relief. Depending on what is causing your back pain, you may find relief from a number of positions. Lying on your stomach with two pillows under your waist is often a position of comfort in the acute stages. Other times, lying on your back and gently pulling your knees to your chest is comfortable. Either way, one should generally avoid sitting or lying in one position for too long no matter what is causing your pain. Frequent position changes are always highly recommended!


Long-Term Solutions to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain


Now that you know some popular ways to get temporary relief from low back pain, I want to remind you that these are not a permanent solution. I previously mentioned most acute bouts of lower back pain go away in a relatively short amount of time. That is true; however, what I didn’t tell you is studies show that about 75% of people have recurring episodes of back pain within a year of their original episode. Studies also show that most people tend to have recurring episodes of back pain that get more progressive and debilitating without proper intervention.
For that reason, the tips listed above should only be used as a temporary way to get pain relief. To get lasting relief from back pain, youhave to treat what caused the pain in the first place, not just the symptom of pain itself!


At The Back University, our goal is to teach you not only how to eliminate your back pain but also to teach you how to prevent it from returning by changing what caused it in the first place! Look into our program and discover the time-tested techniques you can implement today to permanently relieve lower back pain.